While computers are meant to make your business more efficient and more competitive, they are also accompanied by a unique set of challenges. Maintaining a working business computer network requires knowledge of a field that is constantly evolving. Today it is important that you are able to quickly resolve technical problems as they arise – before they hinder or halt even your most basic business operations. However, most small companies simply can’t afford to hire their own in-house technical support.

That’s where Point & Click steps in. At Point & Click, we offer affordable and dependable technical support aimed at ensuring that your business network stays online.  Point & Click was started in 2006 and has been meeting the computer needs of its small business clients in the greater Tulsa metro area for the past three years. Our staff has over thirteen years of professional experience in the field. Our experience is ready to be put to use to help your business find affordable, cost-efficient, and secure solutions for your growing technical needs.

At Point & Click, we offer a variety of technical support services aimed at keeping your business running smoothly. We are also ready to help your business select and implement a variety of proven hardware and software solutions to meet your specific requirements. Please check out the services and solutions sections of our site for more information on the specific support services and product solutions that Point & Click offers.