Point & Click Computer Consulting was launched in Tulsa, Oklahoma in early 2006 with the aim of applying a common sense approach to technical consulting. At the heart of the business is an understanding of both computers and the needs of small businesses. At Point & Click we pride ourselves on being dependable, personable, and knowledgeable.

Ryan Hawkins is not only the founder of Point & Click but also one of the few individuals that have ever read a DOS manual and actually retained the information. When Ryan was eight he read the instruction manual for his Nintendo and his neighbors called him for tech support (the advice may not have been much more than “blow into the cartridge,” but it was a precursor of things to come). For those of you with a more keen interest in Ryan’s qualifications, he is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). He has been providing technical support in the greater Tulsa metro area for over fifteen years. Ryan has consulted for many businesses, including the Nordam Group, the American Transportation Company, Philbrook Museum, Homeland Federal Mortgage, and Case and Associates Management Company. Ryan lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife Jenni, three year old daughter, and their eight-year-old son.