Cannot re-detect HP OfficeJet L7500 Scanner

A client could not start her Ethernet based Officejet Pro all in one scanner.  And here is what worked for me.

First uninstall all HP all in one software from the PC.

To completely uninstall the software, run the uninstaller at level three using these steps:

1. Turn the All-in-One off and disconnect any USB/Ethernet cable from All-in-One to computer.

2. Insert the all-in-one CD-ROM into the computer. Cancel any installation windows that appear.

3. Click Start on the taskbar and then click Run.

4. In the command box type the following command and press Enter key:


(X: is the CD-ROM drive letter of that the all-in-one CD-ROM is in)

1. Please click on the link directly it directly takes us to the webpage titled ‘HP Full Feature Software and Drivers’

2. Scroll down the webpage and please click on the download only option . When it prompts for save, save it on the desktop of the computer.

3. Please wait till the saving process it takes nearly 20 minutes depending on the computer speed. Save it on the desktop only so that it is easier to find later.

4.After completion of the download, double click on the file which we have downloaded and then we will have 3 options: Install, uninstall and add a device. on install. Please follow the onscreen instructions and it will take nearly 15 – 20 minutes to complete installation.

8.Click on finish when it prompts to complete the installation.

9.Restart the computer and then open the HP solution center or HP director applicable.

That worked for me.

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